Love2Photo 1.7

Batch compression and album production for photographs

Love2Photo compresses photographs into smaller file sizes, helping you to share your photos, and adds them to albums to keep them organized. Applications for Love2Photo include meeting email size requirements, backing up and storing photos, and decreasing download times for photos posted on the internet. If you've got a website with lots of photos, you can save money on your hosting and bandwidth expenses. You can choose the size of the total archive to set the compression settings, allowing you to maximize quality while fitting everything onto a disc or storage media. The software also claims to boost your computer's performance by decreasing the size of your image files. Love2Photo includes encryption to protect your photographs from unwanted access. The album feature is useful if you want to publish a picture album to PDF, and can be published to the internet as well. Overall, Love2Photo is interesting for people who either need to compress many photos, or for people who want to publish photograph albums to PDF.